Odd Homes

Crooked and cracked. Odds and Inns. Homes and houses. Colourful illustrations of most unique little places.

FunkyTownHP 800x800

Welcome to Funky Town

Won´t you take me to Funky Town, where no house is like another? Where people always smile for no reason and welcome you with a warm cup of tea or coffee. Where you will find houses as tiny as to barely fit a foot in – for a little sneak peek timeout – as well as towers sky high, to fit in all your dreams. You will always find open hearts and homes in this town.

Old Pirats Inn HP 800x800

Welcome to the Old Pirate´s Inn

This old fashioned but very charming Inn is a museum for anything you would want to know about piracy. Here you will find the bones of Old Willie Wine, one of the most wine proofed pirates there ever was. You will find navigation books, wheels and treasure maps hanging in each room. In the only room for rent the bunk bed is made out of driftwood from the wreck of the `El Matador´, an ancient spanish galley. The figurehead is hanging right over your head. At midnight watch out for the ghost of Old Willie though, trying to get back his bones.

The Apple´s Inn HP 800x800

Welcome to the Apple´s Inn

Hidden in an old orchard lies this cosy and extraordinary guest house. From afar you can smell Martha´s homemade apple crumble, which is said to be the best in the whole country. It will be served every day at 4.00pm in the blue tearoom right on the rooftop. A magic spot not to be missed in case you don´t mind to be ampered with a glass of Tom´s well aged apple wine for a heartwarming fare well.


Miniature Painting


Balloonhouse Quadratisch2

Miniature Painting


Penny Treehouse

Miniature Painting


The Blue Bear´s Inn HP 800x800

Welcome to the Blue Bear´s Inn

A charming midair Bear & Breakfast. The world´s best honey seems to spread on your toast all by itself. Whoever dares to book a night in the Bear´s Head get´s carried away by the home owned bear-bees. Strong little fellows that fly you up to your cosy cottage with stunning views beyond the blue meadow. Perfect for Honeymoons – a little something blue!

The Puffins Inn HP 800x800

Welcome to the Puffin´s Inn

This little Inn is located on the tip of the Ilse Muckle Flugga, the most northern part of Scotland, the Shetland Islands. The perfect lookout for puffins of all kind. Adorable clumsy birds on land, extraordinary swimmers in the sea. The Beak House is used by puffin lovers all around the world as observation room. Davinia Berrybum, the owner of the Inn, sells knickknackery and souvenirs all decorated with puffin motives, to make your stay an adventure to remember.

The Walking Inn HP 800x800

Welcome to The Walking Inn

Get carried away to unknown places. Meet folks from all over the world. Go to bed in misty meadows and wake up by the shores of a rolling sea. The Walking Inn is the perfect holiday home for the brave and adventurous. Check in wherever you like and leave where it suits you best. The guest book reads like a novel from Jule Verne. But don´t expect to catch a glimpse of these miraculous places discribed in there for the Walking Inn never puts itself twice in the same place.

Wasserturm 800x800

Old Watertower

Dangling Oddies 800x800

Dangling Houses


Windmill 800x800




Welcome to the Red Round

Old Maevis, Very Old Maevis and Little Maevis live together in this magical home. The Blue Barn Pottery is run by all three generations and their creative art can be found in every kitchen from here to very far out there. Rumour has it, that Old Maevis did not want to leave home, so she added another house on top of the first Red Round. And Little Maevis – not wanting to leave either – build the Green Home, to stay close to the family. Now they successfully run their family business together, and will soon add another little pink Nursery, for Little Maevis is expecting.


Welcome to the Round We Go

Irwin always had a soft spot for carrousels. All his life he wasn ́t able to pass just one without taking a ride. As he got older, he could not travel to fairs any longer. So he bought an retired big wheel and started to build a tiny house on it. Soon his mother-in-law wanted one too, then his three kids and at last an old army friend of his as well. Now they all live together at the Round We Go, having the time of their lifes.

Now You See Me 300 HP

Welcome to the Now You See Me Guest House

A magnificent pink wonderland for daydreamers, adventourists, star-gazers and happy-golucky sort of fellows. The charming guest house is run by the sisters Mary and Madeline Eggerton, who discovered their love for fantasy tales when they where three and four years old. Each of the five rooms available is named after their most favourite Alice in Wonderland characters. Chill out in the Mad Hatters Lounge. Sleep tight in the White Bunny Whole. Snuggle up on each other at the Bandersnatch´s Hide-out. Enjoy the view from the March Hares Home and dream away in the Caterpillars Camp.

Chocolaterie 800x800


The Pretty Inn Zo 300

The Pretty Inn


Owl House 800x800

Owl House


Star-Gazer´s Inn 300 HP

Welcome to the Star-Gazer´s Inn

Located on top of a hill this charming and unique guest house is the place to be when shooting stars cross the sky. Underneath the roof you may experience the universe right before your nose. Galaxies from afar have never been closer. Stay out of the basement though, rumour has it that in one of the corners a black whole is hidding. It had no other place to go and is fed with all kinds of useless stuff by Bearded Henry, the owner of the Inn, who has a soft spot for outcasts even if they come from outer space.

Time To Celebrate HP 800x800

Time to Celebrate

In this cosy and fantastic little Inn you will always find a reason to celebrate. The best homemade chilaquilles for breakfast, the finest fireside ever seen (providing marshmallows and hot chocolate all day long), the confetti room or the make-a-wish-rooftop right underneath the stars. If you should ever feel like celebrating whatever life has to offer, here´s just the place for it..


Welcome to La Bella Catrina 

Deep in the marshes of Craihleight lies this extraordinary bed & breakfast. It ́s owner, Clara Sanchez-Aberfoile, welcomes you on the 2nd of November (and only at that date) to celebrate the Dia de los Muertos. She sits in her armchair by the fireside and whispers stories of ghosts and forebodings. If you don ́t mind some goose bumps ask her what she can see in the next room, for Louring Clara – as she is called by most – has the ability to look through walls. If you dare take a glimpse at her staring grey eyes, book a night at this exceptional Inn, bringing mexican food and traditions to the Gloomy Highlands.

Fingerprint Stilt Houses 800x800

Fingerprint Stilthouses

Thumbprint Horror House 800x800

Thumbprint Haunted House


Thumbprint Town 800x800

Thumbprint Town


The Hopp Inn 300 HP

Welcome to the Hopp Inn

Well hidden in the misty meadows is this tiny little Bed & Breakfast. In the morning you wake up to one of natures biggest wonders: paddocks in concert. The little colourful toads come together at the burn behind the house and raise their voices to the rising sun. If you bring along some patience you migth even get to meet some. Just hang out by the water and sing `Mull of Kintyre´ and they might hopp up next to you and join in.

Little Woodhouse 300 HP

Welcome to the Little Nimp House

Here live the little nimps – not be be confused with imps please. Nimps are way smaller and kind of melt in with their surroundings due to special camouflage gear. Hardly to be seen. But nonetheless they are extremly welcoming and generous with pine wine, which is brewed around chirstmas time by the chief nimp himself.

The Drunken Johnny´s 2 HP

Welcome to The Drunken Johnny´s

It was once known as the Old Inn until the day that John James McDougal took on a bet to roll a full barrel of whisky from the tavern all the way to Crannock. Now Johnny rolled the barrel, every now and then enjoying some whisky out of it. So he failed to notice that he was walking around in circles. He always ended up at the Old Inn every so often. Two days later the barrel was empty and Johnny – drunk as a sailor – arrived in front of the Old Inn once more, barely able to stand straight. After that the Old Inn was always referred to as the Drunken Johnny´s – and so it still is till this very day.

Bottlehouse Ghost 800x800

Bottlehouse Ghosthouse

Bottlehouse Construction 800x800

Bottlehouse Under Construction


Bottlehouse Ruin 800x800

Bottlehouse Ruin


The Yellow Guest House HP

Welcome to the Yellow Guest House

The perfect place to hang out and get carried away. Bright and friendly, outside and in. Every room is held in different shades of yellow. No chance to not be happy there. So in case you are feeling blue, I recommend a stay in the Yellow Guest House for at least three to four days! It works wonder, I promise. For the brave and adventurous I recommend a night in the tiny Ballon House. Lifts your spirits instantly.

Oddala HP

The Oddala

Here are all houses alike and very different at the same time. In each Inn or Guest House is run by one of eight sibblings of families from all around the world. At the Peacock Inn, be sure to make reservations for they are constantly booked out due to the great views of the top round rooms. You can not sleep more compfy then in the Blue Ring Guest Houses, all cuddled up next to the tiniest fireplace there is. Backpackers often enjoy the Red Wood Cabines, for they are standing in blue meadows and are very back to the old days!

The Dragon´s Keep300_800x800

Welcome to Dragon´s Keep

It is said that once in the old days a dragon hatched in the back of the great fire place. You can still see the black spot from his first breath on the far right. A hunter who took the egg from a nest hid it in there ad over a couple of drams of whisky forgot all about it and travelled on. So the innkeepers were surprised or morning by a tiny Brazzelsnout Firebreather rooming around in their kitchen looking for breakfast.

Bumblebee House 800x800

Bumblebee House

Livia´s Mermaid House 800x800

Livia´s Mermaid House


Tim and Burton 800x800

Tim & Burton


Odd Train 300_800x800

Please board the Odd Train

Pick an Odd Home to your liking and enter a world full of stories. Find a snuggly place by the fireside, on a front porch or in a cluttered kitchen and listen to tales of old. The storyteller will take you onto adventures you have never even dreamed of. Fight firebreathing dragons, look for treasures underneath the sea and save a damsel in distress from cloud-castles. Leave with the tale that suits you best and carry it through the world.

Foto 2 White Raven HP

The White Raven

The story goes that a long long time ago a witch lived near the dead men’s tree. She had five ravens that stayed with her. Her favourite was the white one for it was able to speak. He had the habit of mockitng the old witch, for she was a jinx when it came to performing spells. One day, when she accidentally bewitched her house to run away, the white raven wouldn’t stop mocking her. The witch though was in such a rage that she turned all ravens into bird feeders by the snap of a finger. Unfortunately she couldn’t remember the counter-spell and so the five ravens are still up on that tree to this very day.

The Rocking House HP

The Rocking House

The Rocking House. Old Ed didn’t just want a rocking chair, but an entire rocking house. So every day he sits on his sofa and moves the rocking bar right next to it softly back and forth and his house does the same. And so Ed is the most relaxed man in the entire country.

Oddies in M Bird 800x800

Oddies in Motion Robin

Crab 700x700

Oddies in Motion Hermit Crab


Puffin 800x800

Oddies in Motion Puffin


9 Little Lighthouse Odds 300 HP

The Odd Lighthouse Collection

Perfect little hideaways for sea lovers, beach fanatics, wave dancers and „Nordlichter“ from all over the world. Enjoy freshly baked scones, homemade pies and crumbles at the charming Little Tearoom by the Sea (seashell house). Mother May takes care of all her guests – the big, the small and even the teeny tiniest.

9 Little Round Odds 300 HP

Welcome to The George

This little blue house is the friendliest guest house there is for the tiny and the teenytiny in this world. The Inkeepers George and his wife Georgette will fulfil every wish. In The George you may rent the Blue Room, the Very Blue Room and the Bluest Room. Whatever suits you and your mood best.

The Cosy Dormer 300

Welcome to The Cosy Dormer Guesthouse

A perfect stay-away-place for the holidays. Best view out to snowy meadows and mountains from every dormer. From the big to the teenytiniest. Be sure to make reservations ahead of stay! And don’t miss Ethel’s Christmas Dinner, it’s said to be the best in the whole country. At least 16 courses.

Oddala Blue Moon 800x800

Oddala Blue Moon

Oddala Moon over Sea 800x800

Oddala Moon at Sea


Oddala Orange Moon 800x800

Oddala Orange Moon




I am a creative, Scotland loving, sea addicted, nature admiring, storytelling, writing, bumble bee adoring, cat cuddling and outgoing person with a soft spot for oddities. But more than anything else I am an artist. With the Odd Homes I started my very own way of illustrating. Right out of my heart. Beginning with the first line and never knowing what will be on that piece of paper when the painting is finally finished. Sometimes even I wonder how that happens. 


I always liked things that were a little bit different from the rest. Which had a crack, where crooked or in any other way individual and unique. That shows in my Odd Homes as well. And while working on them, the stories start to pop up in my mind. About the owners, or guests, or surroundings. Or maybe special moments the inns and guest houses might have witnessed.


I can imagine myself sitting at firesides or sleeping in pirate´s beds. I can smell the freshly baked crumble at the Apple´s Inn and enjoy my ride on the Bear Bees. So have a look around and find your own special place amongst them all. Peep through the windows, look behind trees and open tiny doors. Who knows what story you might find hidden there.


Some of the Odd Homes are quite tiny, or have remarkable little details. I always thought I would never paint anything that tiny and delicate – well that worked out well. By now I enjoy working with the magnifying glass and hiding wee special features in and around the Odd Homes. In the making of section you will find pictures of work in progress and close-ups to get a sneak peek or two.

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